Christmas is undeniably one of the most special events of the year. You can, therefore, expect extra special food and drinks prepared just for you. In addition, we always strive to make each year better than the previous one. For the last couple of years, we’ve opened our pub for suggestions so as to make sure every event we organise is fun and memorable.

Some of the most successful affairs that we’ve had so far are:

Eat-All-You-Can Christmas Break

For only £10, guests can eat as much food as they can. However, they would have to make sure they don’t have leftovers. Otherwise, they will be asked to pay extra.

Carolling Contest

Pub guests sang their hearts out in the melody of their best Christmas song.


For one night, complimentary beer and wine were served by some of the best brewers in the country in partnership with our suppliers.

Christmas Movie Night

We made a survey of our guests’ favourite Christmas movie of all time. We gathered the results and chose the movie with the most votes. Guess which movie got the most nods. It’s the 2008 film titled “A Christmas Tale.”

Christmas Countdown

We shared the joy with our guests by joining them in the much-awaited countdown in the eve of Christmas day. Over 200 people joined us in the pub. Food and drinks were prepared — much to the enjoyment of everyone.

Christmas Parties and Other Events

Are you planning to hold a party in our pub? Call us weeks before the affair so as to ensure the availability of the venue. We’re open to suggestions and we’re likewise ready to share our expertise for the success of your event.