We offer a wide range of beer, gin, cider, tonic, and wine.

If you’re new to British drinks, don’t forget to try even just a pint of our Barrel and Sellers’ bitter. It’s strongly flavoured with hops, aromas, and other wide ranges of strengths. You may also try London Pride if you still haven’t. It has a very distinctive and well-balanced flavour.

Made from fermented apple juice, cider is likewise a popular choice. We offer Handmade White Label, Severn, Oliver’s, and more.

A small glass of light, mild, or heavy ale would also surely be a fun drink to share with friends and loved ones. Try something either from Pride & Joy, Undercurrent, or So’Hop. Of course, the ever-popular spirits, alcopops, and other low-alcohol beers are always available for those who prefer a not-so-strong beer or wine.

Note that these are all on top the regular choices of mineral water, fruit juices, coffee and sodas.

We understand that the availability of some of these drinks may vary. We suggest you contact us beforehand should you have some plans to organise an extra special night out.