When it comes to food, our chef team is yet to be beaten. Its passion for excellent food is remarkable, thus every menu is guaranteed to be appetising and mouth-watering.

Here are some of our customers’ most popular choices:

Classic Burger – Our home-style burgers are made of 100% forequarter beef. We’re neither a fan of offal, nor are we a supporter of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO). Our value burger offers a rich mix of mild white cheddar slice and freeze-chill French fries both wrapped in a seeded bun.

Looking for more? No problem.

You may try our homemade burger with delicious rosemary and sea salt foccacia, extra mature white cheddar, beef tomato garnish, and more.

Steak – One of our specialties is the British rump steak which has considerably lesser fat than other cuts of beef. You can enjoy it with button mushrooms, French fries, and fresh tomatoes. If you want something more special than that, you may order our Casterbridge sirloin steak that’s garnished with fresh carrots, cherry tomatoes, watercress, and oyster mushroom.

Fish – Prepared by hand and filleted expertly by our chefs, our fish and chip menu is one of the most sought dishes in the pub. You may enjoy it with peas, French fries, and tomato ketchup. You can likewise request for a large cod tail hand-battered fish that’s specially served with Aviko chilled chips, tomato ketchup, petit pois peas, fresh lemon, and carrots.

Desserts – Finish your meal with a delectable dessert like ice-cream, cheesecake, sticky toffee, or apple pie. There are a couple of ice-cream flavours you can choose from: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Cheesecakes are either prepared with fresh single cream or with an abundant topping of fruits of the forest. If you’re so much into sweets, you can try our sticky toffee with creamy custard.