Driving a few kilometres away after a good night out with friends may not at all be a bright idea. We don’t only think about your convenience, but we also care about your safety. In our pursuit to offer extra-mile service, we’ve prepared cosy rooms where you can comfortably stay.

Single Room

Our single bedrooms are stylishly decorated with a mix of gold paisley wallpaper and Italian fabrics. These give them a luxurious ambience that’s similar to that of other expensive hotel rooms. Inside every single room is a fitted bathroom with hot and cold shower.

Room accommodation per night starts at £60.

Double Rooms

Our executive double rooms are strategically situated on the second floor to have a scenic view of the white cliffs of Dover. All rooms are perfectly adorned with expensive antiques and other Italian furniture. Each has a bathtub and a few other amenities to enjoy.

Room accommodation per night starts at £99.

Master Bedrooms

Our master bedrooms are designed to literally become your home, away from home. They’re well decorated with art pieces from several known artists and are likewise adorned with a couple of expensive antiques. Each master bedroom offers a wide range of lavish amenities that you can only find mostly in luxurious hotels. They have an exclusive fireplace, a well-fitted shower room, deluxe complimentary toiletries, and much more.

Room accommodation per night starts at £150